Sunday, April 10, 2011

Midnight Mercato

first time to visit the midnight mercato.. been there 2 sunday mornings... all i can is the crowd is CRAZZZYYY, good thing we went there to just buy some food for take away.

the cakes that are buy 1 take 1

tacling - mini tacos P60.00

macaroons - classic!! P120 / box of 12

revel bars, cheesecake bar and brownies - 3 for P100

leche flan from monfort P110

half pounder burger from Monster burger P150

bagnet P250 / 500gms

Lorenzo's Way 2

went back because mama is craving for good filipino food! my sister's first time and her comment was "everything is good" 


Kare Kare Klab

shrimp toast with sesama 

knockout knuckles - crispy pata

paella valenciana

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pages Deli

pasta , cheese and wine dinner with KT, Pia and Smile 
red wine

cheese platter which pia and smile loves!

crunchy chicken breast with mango and papaya salad

roasted tomato with feta cheese


aglio olio

address : Streetscape, Shangrila Mall 

Lorenzo's Way

mama loves filipino food , especially anything with gata and crispy pata... so we went to try Lorenzo's Way in Greenbelt 5... did not disappoint 
crispy pata

chopped kangkong in spicy gata sauce - gising gising


mama and jerryn

address : greenbelt 5


Bestseller - Hokkaido , mine is always 50% sugar level with pearls as sinker

alec waiting for our order

chicken chops!

peppered hashbrown 

other recommendations : peppered corn, cranberry with lime jelly, assam drink and taro lover

branches : san juan and n roxas in banawe

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tao Yuan Restaurant (again)

Went back to Tao Yuan when we had a last minute planned dinner at Newport Mall, because our good friend smile is coming in from Hong Kong... we just had to catch up with chikas! sorry no group picture because we were too busy picturing the food and eating, ha ha ha

sweet and sour pork - as per requested by KT

laksa with vermicelli noodles

pickled pepper appetizer... super yummy

tao miao with garlic

lapu lapu with mango sauce

beef tenderloin with black pepper sauce

Tao Yuan Restaurant - Newport City Mall 2nd floor

Tao Yuan Restaurant the first time

we had an early dinner in tao yuan during christmas season while bil was in town for a vacation

Lechon Kawali 
serving was small but the skin is really crunchy while the meat is tender 

Three Kinds Vegetables

Fried Lapu Lapu with Mango Sauce

Hainanese Chicken

Tao Yuan Restaurant
2nd floor
Newport City Mall