Thursday, February 10, 2011

C' Italian

 after the Hot Air Balloon and DFS shopping, we went here for lunch! happy to have gotten a good table with great lighting and nice background music for additional ambiance.

 complimentary bread with pesto dip

salad greens

steak - rare
panizza with bacon and ham!

kristina risotto

 food is more enjoyable when shared with good friends!!

love this 2 women <3

this red wine is really good... so good mother and smile had to order 2 bottles each for take away!

1210 Don Juico Ave., Malabanas, Clarkview, Balibago
Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines
on weekends or holidays, i suggest to call in advance and make a reservation 
Phone Number: (63 45) 892-4059, (63 45) 892-6993


  1. i'd like to be the first to comment :))
    Food looks delicious! I am sure you guys had a great time.

  2. I love my photo here. Thanks. Yes, it's all about ME. Oh and BTW you have the makings of a good (humble beginnings) reviewer. Keeping it simple with sharp pics. Toast to you, Pao: to our next adventure.

  3. Love it, KP!! This is truly your "expertise" <3

  4. wheeee tenchu mga kapatid!!! and now ko lang napansing walang picture ng PANIZZA!!!

  5. Congratulations Paopao to your new hobby!