Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My comfort foodS - part 1

I'm sharing some of my all time favorite food... food that anytime you offer me, i will take :D 

 Red Mango Original Frozen Yoghurt with almond mochi and sliced almonds

New Longlife Bakery's eggpie 
P160.00 for a whole pie
store address : 311 N.S. Amoranto corner Mayon Sts. Quezon City
tel 7317015

 Puto made from giniling na bigas from Broadway Puto
a pack costs around P50.00 / 10 pcs
store address : 10th avenue corner rizal avenue, caloocan city

Gisadong Misua - this one we ordered from Mrs Lim Home Cooked Products... but i love mama's misua more 


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I want it all!!! P160 lang yung eggpie??? Layo lang, plus gas pa ako heheh.

  2. the misua looks really good. though i haven't tried mrs. lim's yet. i heard it's good. but i'm sure your mom's is better:)

  3. apot yes!! yan lagi ko dala sa christmas party namin! dibale organize tayo ng kita natin... dadala ako niyan :D classic yan super saaraaaaaappp!

    junnie... oo mas masarap talaga luto ni mama at hindi "basa" ang misua... kaya lang ma effort eh :D